Fly your BONESHIP over BONECITY and destroy the BONECASTLE. Beware the deadly BONELASER, BONEMINES and BONESHIELDS.

This is a small demonstration game for Longbow, my in-progress 'fake 16bit' game engine.


BONECASTLE Windows (20170527) 4 MB


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This game was very rude to me and made me feel like I’m bad at videogames

Great art tho

Sorry for making you feel bad. The intention was to try and capture some of the obnoxious attitude certain arcade games had, where they'd mock the player for losing and presumably goad them into spending more coins on the game. Actual sad feelings are a bug and means I failed


Hahah I didn’t feel that bad, but it was very challenging, and funny

I would spend some coins on it in an arcade!

Too easy? Every time you win:

  • Skull max health increases
  • Skull rotation speed increases
  • Mine frequency increases