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Happy Halloween 2022! Hold right trigger to lock-on, press A to blast, use the left stick to move!

This is a short, early pre-alpha dreamcast demo! It's missing all kinds of stuff, there's some minor bugs and gameplay isn't even slightly balanced. If you'd like to see this developed further, give me your feedback on twitter or in the comments below.

To play this you need to run it on a real Dreamcast console or use an emulator. (Region free, VGA only, controller needs to be in port 1. No dual stick support.)

StatusIn development
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TagsDreamcast, Halloween, Retro, Touhou


[Dreamcast CDI] dashy-blast-alpha.zip 102 MB
Version 7 Nov 01, 2022

Install instructions

Don't forget to use Right Trigger to lock-on to enemies!

Development log


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Playing on OG hardware - you don't need VGA to play, it's working fine NTSC using Composite-out.  Only thing is that it doesn't seem to loop when you die - you have to reboot the console to restart the game 😅

That said - this one's fun, albeit tough as nails lol.

This was AWESOME!

Would you be willing to share the development process? I hobby game-dev and am impressed by anyone who makes stuff for retro systems.


Thanks for the kind words Sam. I don't have the capacity to share the process in a fun and interesting way, but I wrote this in C on a modern desktop PC, used http://gamedev.allusion.net/softprj/kos/ as an interface to the Dreamcast hardware. There's forums where people still discuss DC dev, and the 'Simulant' discord server is very active with dreamcast developers. 

Also: amazing glasses in your pic

had a blast again this holloween playing this demo! Still hoping one day for some more but glad this fun little demo exists!

thanks, wish I could afford the time to make the full game. Hopefully 2024

Simply on the virtue of existing, YES please keep working on this. More Dreamcast homebrew is always a good thing in my book, especially since we don't see enough 3D games as it stands.

Cool stuff! Love it!

Looks awesome


Working great on a real machine i only use VGA.. YES please keep going on this game :)

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Help, the Right Trigger lock-on doesn't work for me! (Using Redream with an Xbox Controller). Other than that I'd love to see this developed further, maybe with more and bigger levels instead of respawning enemies at the same place all the time.

Edit: seems like I needed to rebind the Right Trigger in Redream, it works now

version pc?

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No, sorry. Try retroarch or Redream