A downloadable NES game

Trapped in a dangerous flooded cave, lead your hero through the underground ruins to find an escape.

A game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES NTSC), made in 48 hours for Alakajam 11, using the 8bitworkshop browser based IDE.

A web version is available with the following control inputs:

DPAD: Cursor keys

START: enter

SELECT: \ (backslash)


A (unused): SPACE

Click here to play the web version and view / edit the source

2021 March 01 - Fix map screen breaking game when used on snake screens / resetting snake position, fix player getting trapped in room 05_06 if killed

2020 February 28 - Jam release

(Whats the deal with the name? I couldn't remember if it was called flooded ruins or flooded cave and the names got used interchangeably. Call it whatever you like)

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Tags8-Bit, Exploration, famicom, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), NES ROM, Retro


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