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The age of circle strafing returns in RAYKA, made for the 9th Kajam gamejam! Fight through three low resolution pixelly levels in this authentic raycasting blaster! Collect eight* weapons and fight various enemies! Listen to my barely passable soundtrack!


  • Circle strafe and keep some distance from enemies to allow yourself time to dodge.
  • Mouse too sensitive? Adjust turning speed with number keys.

This is an entry to the alakajam gamejam, see the other entries here

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Tagsblood, Doom, raycaster, Retro, Singleplayer, wolf3d




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this was a fun short game, really enjoyed it :)



Freakin' AWESOME!

Thanks for the fun, dude.


haha, thanks for playing!


Good game.

what a champ

Is there a way to adjust the resolution?

nope. is the window too large/small for you?

Too large I'm afraid

Yep, I did it.
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When I try to launch it, it quits immediately. I tried to unpack this with zip and win rar  but no effect :( i really want to play this game because looks good

Really sorry to hear that. Anything unusual about your system? Do other games work from itch.io? Is it a laptop with a smaller resolution?

I was supposed to send you a screenshot, right? (For Voxel)


Yeah! Thanks for playing my silly jam game!

How many hands!

i love it, very fun

haha great playthrough, nice!


That's an interesting experience. Pretty surreal and cool idea.

Is there a way to toggle fullscreen?

yeah i would really like fullscreen feature as well lol

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nope. Full screen means multiple resolution support, which is more work :(. This is a particular scaled aspect ratio for historical raycasting reasons. But if I ever do a 'real' game using this technology I'll be sure to implement fullscreen etc :)

Where can I see the source code?


It's not open source, but the first iteration of the engine was closely based on https://lodev.org/cgtutor/raycasting.html

Thanks, that's enough. I am just making my own engine for these articles. I saw that the game was similar to what I was getting, and wanted to know if you are actually using ray casting, or if you simulate it using 3D and a fixed camera.

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Fantastic stuff! Recorded a full playthrough of it with the secret ending:

This is exceptional

When I try and launch it, it quits immediately :(

unpack the zip before you play

Really was enjoying it, hit level three, then had to pause it for a moment but apparently ESC doesnt pause the game or bring up a menu it just kills the game entirely. doh!


made it to the lil guy, this game rules


An Amazing game, which uses the same feature employed in Wolfenstein 3D. Good Times ... Kudos to this impressive work.