Highway Crisis!

For Retro Platform Jam 4 I'm making a Dreamcast game using my in-progress game framework. I'm starting a couple of days early, but the jam rules allow for in-progress games to be entered - and I'm going to be away for four days in the middle of the jam.

The plan is to create a fast paced 3D mecha action game in the vein of AD-Police, using piloted 'mecha' to fight crime on the roads of a futuristic megacity. Highway Crisis will be split into two gameplay sections, TRAVEL MODE and COMBAT MODE.

In TRAVEL MODE the player pilots their vehicle at high speed to reach the goal before time expires. You'll need to dodge civilian traffic, road hazards and perhaps even hostile enemy action. Player movement during this phase is limited to sliding left/right, with the foward speed being controlled automatically as you zoom along a highway. If you reach the goal before time expires, you enter...

COMBAT MODE takes place in similar highway areas, but the player is free to stop, turn around and move freely within the combat area. Enemies are dangers are numerous and will need to be destroyed in order to complete your law-enforcement objectives.

Initial progress - from humble beginnings! This video shows a road section loaded into memory and rendered in wireframe. Unimpressive in of itself, it represents 3D mesh loading from the filesystem and rendering to an initialised view. 

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Fancy! What toolchain/compiler do you use for the Dreamcast? Is there an open one with documentation?

I'm using https://github.com/KallistiOS/KallistiOS which is a FOSS reimplementation of the dreamcast SDK, paired with https://github.com/Kazade/GLdc which is a performant opengl implementation (but incomplete and with a few bugs). So I get to use opengl1.2 for console dev which is pretty great! 

There's documentation for most of this (though a lot of it is out of date) and KallistiOS even comes with a script to automate 99% of building the cross-compilation toolchain.