I hadn't intended to participate in #CGAJAM due to the usual reason of not having enough free time, so instead I posted a mockup image to twitter and thought that'd be the end of it.  But the good people of the Internet hammered that little heart button and random stranger best friend Martijnfrazer put together some authentic 1-bit pc-speaker level tunes:

So really at this point it'd be rude not to make the bloody game, which is exactly what I'm now doing. 

The game itself is a simple tactical role playing game in the vein of (the combat sections of) Ultima 3 or Super Robot Wars. Crudely drawn anime characters fly weird limited palette space-fighters to save the universe from a generic evil. There will be exciting cinematic  cutscenes and other useless features to consume the little free time I have that I should really use on implementing the core gameplay. More details soon!

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Just saw the GIF with the cutscenes on twitter, this looks pretty graphically impressive.

Looking forward to playing it.

much excite

hey Dollarone I tried to embed your tweet when I wrote this  but doesn't allow the twitter js script and so it was all malformed and wrong looking (like my art) so I had to remove it :(