I forgot to go to bed last night and worked on this. My regret levels are somewhere between maximum and whatever is more than that.

But the game is finished for now! I've kept the difficulty quite low, it shouldn't pose much trouble to anyone that has played a strategy game before. I also didn't use half of the great sound assets @tijn provided because I don't like stopping the music (you can't really justify playing music and sound effects simultaneous on a single channel pc beeper-speaker of the era). The sound really brings the game to life for me, I hope you can enjoy it too.


StarBusters3 Windows (Original Jam Version) (7 MB)
66 days ago
[Bugged] StarBusters3 OSX (Original Jam Version) (8 MB)
66 days ago
StarBusters 3 Linux64 (Original Jam Version) (10 MB)
65 days ago

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