Jam almost over

Sorry about the glitchy gif, no time to fix it: CGAJam is almost over! Where did all those hours go?

Brief status report -


  • Shimmering anime eyeballs
  • Additional combat art assets
  • Cannon attack cutscene
  • Missile attack cutscene
  • Dialogue system (characters in this game like to talk shit)
  • Tactical map reflects combat results (destroyed ships removed etc)
  • Handsome boy Tijn has made lots of cool audio and music


  • Missions (dialogues, map layout etc)
  • Character portraits for second pilot and commander
  • Special assets for final mission
  • Inter-mission cutscenes
  • Enemy AI (currently enemy is player controlled)
  • Titlescreen and credits

No time for:

  • Any kind of balancing or playtesting :)

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