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Available for DOS and WINDOWS 95 PCs, it is the far future racing event of the 1990s! Race your Slip-craft through 16 exciting locations, from famous EARTH CITIES to the exotic distant dimensional rifts of FARFIELDS in this intense single player drifting speedfest!

This SHAREWARE title is available for free download, with the full game available for a modest fee! 

Check out the soundtrack that comes with a DOS jukebox! https://martijnfrazer.bandcamp.com/album/slip-speed-original-soundtrack 

Physical boxed version!


Authorsvoxel, tijn
Made withAseprite, Allegro, LMMS
TagsDOS, msdos, shareware, Singleplayer, win95, windows-95
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7 USD. You will get access to the following files:

(Windows) SlipSpeed Full Release 2 MB
Version 11
(MSDOS) SlipSpeed Full Release 884 kB
Version 15

Download demo

(Windows) SlipSpeed Shareware 2 MB
Version 8
(MSDOS) SlipSpeed Shareware 695 kB
Version 11

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I played your game and did a video on it. I found the controls a bit sensitive but maybe that's intended.

Nice game but I only don't like a bit clumsy controls and everything is very bouncy but anything else is FIRE. Btw the game also runs perfectly in Windows 98. Total score: 8/10 (noice)

Thanks for playing! Could you expand a bit on what you didn't like about the controls? 


Sure~! Controls are easy to undersatnd but way too bouncy and loses a lot of speed when hitting something and it is annoying. Anything else is fine


Seems similar to another game, Data Wing, which was super cool. 

Data Wing is great, and originally this game was going to have a wall riding mechanic inspired by it. Instead I went for a more retro racing game :)


this will have achievements on retroachievements hehe

hey thats a neat site, never saw that before. doesnt look like they have msdos games though

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Just finished the shareware Grand Prix and it's great so far. As a linux user I really appreciate there being a DOS release as I could easily run it on DosBox.  


It's good

Soundtrack slaps, shiny polish throughout

Controls are tight and responsive and drifting around the levels works really well

Grand prix is just short enough that I don't get bored but long enough that the between-race decisions still feel like they matter


Great "WipEout meets Micro Machines 2" game for DOS. Works fine in DOSBox on my old Windows XP retro computer, best performance on a more modern machine - also using DOSBox. The OPL-based music fits the game very well.

The hidden shortcuts in the tracks are fun to discover and helpful in higher difficulty levels.

Wishlist items for SlipSpeed 2:

 - Local multiplayer (Micro Machines 2-style "shared screen" multiplayer where one gains points by getting more than a screenful ahead of the competition)

 - Campaign mode / progression (saving of progress, maybe earning gold medals in all tracks in all difficulty levels and or unlocking tracks by winning at the grand prix?)

 - Track editor and user-created content?


This game's fun.  Very fun.  Highly recommended.  The game controls.  They seem familiar.  Like Combat Cars.  For Sega Genesis.  The difference?  This game's better.  Way better.