Game released!

SLIPSPEED is now available from your favourite BBS and!

Race and drift through 16 amazing locations in your futuristic SLIP-SHIP, sure to push your 1990s PC to its limits. 64 amazing colours in sharp 320x200 pixel resolution! Secret shortcuts and alternate routes on every track! Grab cash upgrades to tune up your vehicle and turn it into a turbo rocket or a nimble darting race supermachine! Absolutely no secret game modes*!

The game comes in two versions: Registered and Shareware. The registered version contains 16 tracks and is available for purchase from for a small fee, the shareware version is available from the same place for the grand price of $0 and includes four tracks AND absolutely no secrets*.

Thanks for supporting DOS game development!

*Both versions contain hidden floppy-disk racing mode


(MSDOS) SlipSpeed Shareware 695 kB
Version 11 Nov 27, 2020
(MSDOS) SlipSpeed Full Release 884 kB
Version 15 Nov 27, 2020
(MSDOS) SlipSpeed Shareware 695 kB
Version 4 Apr 16, 2020
(MSDOS) SlipSpeed Full Release 884 kB
Version 3 Apr 16, 2020

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