Slipspeed is released!

Slipspeed is finally complete! This is the full game with all 16 tracks, all the bug fixes and over 16 unique original FM synthesised music tracks by Martijn Frazer!

You will need an MSDOS machine or the DOSBOX emulator to play this! The windows version has this bundled in already for you!

Please also check out the great soundtrack over at where you can get all the songs in multiple formats, and a special DOS jukebox program to play the tunes on original hardware (or your favourite DOS emulator!)

Finally, there's a physical release coming out at some point, check out for details!


(Windows) SlipSpeed Full Release 2 MB
Version 11 Nov 27, 2020
(Windows) SlipSpeed Shareware 2 MB
Version 8 Nov 27, 2020
(MSDOS) SlipSpeed Shareware 695 kB
Version 11 Nov 27, 2020
(MSDOS) SlipSpeed Full Release 884 kB
Version 15 Nov 27, 2020

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