1.0.5 Full joystick support

Two button joysticks/controllers are now supported throughout the game. Controllers are ignored until you press a button on the controller to activate it. Calibration happens automatically in realtime, so waggle the joystick or move it in a completecircle at least once and it should Just Work as if by magic. This was necessary to support analogue inputs on XBox and Playstation style controllers when playing on an emulator.


(Windows) SlipSpeed Full Release 2 MB
Version 8 May 18, 2020
(Windows) SlipSpeed Shareware 2 MB
Version 5 May 18, 2020
(MSDOS) SlipSpeed Shareware 695 kB
Version 8 May 18, 2020
(MSDOS) SlipSpeed Full Release 884 kB
Version 12 May 18, 2020

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  • Fixed some joysticks not being able to exit the main menu
  • Windows registered version was stuck on version 1.0.0, updated now to 1.0.5